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early afternoon response.

in regards to tht last personal post, thank you to those who took the time to message me, wasnt something i was expecting, so much appreciation to you !<3 :]

however, if i made it seem like i was looking for a guy, im honestly not. i mean, i “look” as is physically look at them & if theyre cute, can dance, sing, etc. then it just makes them attractive to me, but im not dating anyone. nor looking to. although, i am down for some more blind, casual dates. just to meet new people & make new friends. wht im trying to say here is tht i dnt wnt a relationship. a guy was never reale part of my future plan for myself. in short, im planning on living alone, independent, and happy. and im totally fine with tht. :] i mean, even my ex said it himself-“youre the type of girl who doesnt need a man to make her happy.” as much wrong as i think he did to me, at least he was right about tht. basically, all i wnt for myself for my future is to be successful. thts it, i wnt to MARRY success. and i mean tht figuratively though, cuz im not a gold digger. ahaha. anyways, i wna have my career in communications, make tht money, travel, go to fancy, top-notch restaurants and speak with managers, clients, heads of companies while i make good connections and on top of all tht- take care of my family. and by family i mean my mom, brother, uncles & aunties & later on, my nieces & nephews. but not kids. 

to be honest, even as a little kid, ive never wanted kids. i get too impatient and irritated easily sometimes. ive never thought about starting my own family, its just not part of my plan. its not something i wnt. wherever life leads me in the future, im just gna do me. although, i wouldnt mind babysitting every now & then, so if youre looking for a future babysitter, you know who to call !

so thts my plan- not meeting someone. not falling in love. not “ive waited all my life for you” type of deal.

my dream is success and im gna make beautiful, irreplaceable, lifelong memories with it. my career is the only one whom i will dedicate my life and love to (in addition to family). <3

its my life, and im leaving it in my hands, not in a man’s.


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